5 Facts About US Catholics

The catholic religion is one of the largest widespread religions in the USA. There are approximately 17,000 parishes in the USA that host catholic for church congregations and serve the large population. Despite the large numbers the church has seen several changes in the way, people view the catholic religion given that there are various changes in the ways and cultures of people. There has also been a shortage of priest with the rise of the number of parishes coming up in the USA  that has seen more and more people going for theology classes to satisfy the demand of the church.

Here are some 5 facts about USA catholic

1. Estimated number

In a rough estimate, a fifth of the population of the American adults is catholic. This number is larger than the Muslim religion in general and the number has been changing day in day out. This number is spread out through the states and as per a study by Pew Research Centers in the seen a drop even though the religion is still popular.

2. Notable drop

The drop has been quite evident by the number of active adult catholic. This number is said to have dropped by 13% of adults who were former catholic. Most of these population has gone into being Protestants and have changed their faith completely. The drop has been due to the changes in beliefs and people not following the inherited religions of their past relatives and parents. People are becoming more and more decisive and hence they choose to opt for other accommodating religions for them.

3. Population distribution

If you are to compare the distribution of the number of the Catholic population in the USA you will find out that they are evenly distributed. This is by a survey that gave a percentage of 27% in the south,26% in the Northeast,26% in the West and 21% in the east. This number is quite evenly distributed and hence you cannot say that people move to one particular location due to the catholic faith.

4. History of the catholic church in the USA

The religion was first introduced to the USA by the works of missionaries. This was back in 1600 by the works of missionaries such as Jesuits Isaac Jogues, Jacques Marquette and Eusebio. They were the pioneers of the religion and founding fathers in the USA. In 1770 Spanish Franciscan Junipero established a catholic mission system in California.

5. Catholics no longer attend church as much as protestants

The catholic faith in the USA despite its widespread has seen more and more of the remaining population only attending do not attend church frequently. They only attend church only on Sunday services or not. This is quite discouraging but there have been continuous efforts to regulate the numbers that go now frequently – click this article on roman catholic church definition.